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ITALA G series
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Sensor format
1/2.9″ - APS-C
0.4 - 31.5 MP

ITALA G is a series of GigE vision industrial cameras designed and manufactured in Italy by Opto Engineering®. Combining a robust and reliable design with excellent value for money, these cameras are suitable for any imaging application.

The ITALA G series integrates high quality Sony Pregius and Pregius S CMOS sensors ranging from the most commonly used II generation with 3.45 µm pixels to the most recent IV generation with 2.74 µm pixels.

The ITALA G cameras also integrate 5 MP and 12 MP Sony Polarsens™ sensors. This series of polarization image sensors feature a multi-directional polarizer that, in addition to brightness and color information, can capture polarization information.

Read more: Beyond visible: the importance of polarization in machine vision

Key advantages

Cameras designed and manufactured in Italy by Opto Engineering®.

  • Aluminum body & steel lens mount.
  • Shock & Vibration certified.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Large on-board image buffer
    Never miss a frame and take advantage of burst mode acquisition.
  • High performance FPGA
    Additional on-board processing functions can be easily implemented.

Isolated PoE supply
Simplified cable harness with data and power over a single cable.

Broad Range of I/Os
Industry standard Hirose 12 pin connector for a broad range of I/Os and special functions.

Serial Communication
Combo RS232/485 transceiver for maximum flexibility.

  • A 5-years warranty
  • Dedicated support for the integration directly from the manufacturer
  • Fast shipping service from Italy within 2 days *

Discover ITALA® features

1 GigE
12-24 Volt
Power over Ethernet
12-bit depth
Fast trigger mode
Dual exposure
Precision Time Protocol
Scheduled action command
Region of Interest
Binning and decimation
Chunk data
Polarized sensor
Auto white balance
Color correction matrix
Opto-isolated I/O
Dual serial interface

Guaranteed quality

Complete electronic testing
Complete electronic testing

All the features of our cameras are check to ensure perfect operation.

Burn-in test
Burn-in test

Each camera undergoes severe testing to avoid possible early failures.

Sensor alignment
Sensor alignment

We check the sensor alignment of each camera to ensure maximum performance.

EMVA 1288 test
EMVA 1288 test

Each camera is tested according to the EMVA1288 standard.

Fast shipping service

* This service enables the customer to quickly receive ITALA® series cameras.

Opto Engineering® undertakes to ship the camera from its warehouse located in Italy within the next 2 working days after sending the order confirmation, according to the shipping and payment terms agreed with the customer.

To benefit from the fast shipping service, it is necessary to submit an order showing, in addition to the camera part number, the SSR-ITALA code. This service is subject to a fee: please contact our sales engineers for more information.

We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. For this reason, we are working to make our fast shipping service available on as many ITALA® cameras as possible.

The service is subject to the actual availability of the requested product in Opto Engineering® warehouse in Italy and is currently valid for shipments to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

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Last update 02 Apr 2024

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  1. Color-model's fps are calculated using BayerRG8 pixel format
  2. Measured with 24V power supply
  3. Case temperature, measured on the front part of the camera body
  4. Ambient temperature
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Technical documents

ITALA User Manual


ITALA SDK (Windows 64 bit) v2024.03.26
ITALA SDK (Ubuntu) v2024.03.26
ITALA SDK (Windows 64 bit) v2024.03.15
ITALA SDK (Ubuntu) v2024.03.15
ITALA SDK (Windows 64 bit) v2024.03.04
ITALA SDK (Ubuntu) v2024.03.04
ITALA SDK (Windows 64 bit) v2023.12.07
ITALA SDK (Ubuntu) v2023.12.07


ITALA Firmware v2.1.2
ITALA Firmware v2.1.2 ChangeLog
ITALA Firmware v2.1.1
ITALA Firmware v2.1.0
ITALA Firmware v2.0.2
ITALA Firmware v2.0.0
ITALA Firmware v1.5.3
ITALA Firmware v1.5.2



Third party software compatibility


The ITALA SDK (Software Development Kit) is a robust and easy-to-use API designed from scratch to support all ITALA® cameras. The compliance to the GenICam standard grants easy and precise configuration and control of cameras thanks to GenTL. Moreover, the ITALA SDK features up-to-date SFNC nomenclature and supports event interface to create deterministic camera operation and chunk data to provide meta-data on the acquisition

Key features

  • Robust, easy-to-use C++, C and C# API
  • Extensive documentation with practical code examples showing common and advanced use cases
  • Standardized camera control via familiar GenApi implementation
  • Up-to-date SFNC feature names
  • Event interface and chunk data support
  • Utilities for camera network configuration and firmware updates
  • NDIS filter driver improves streaming stability and CPU usage
  • Fully featured GUI viewer for camera control, streaming and monitoring
  • Camera settings download from device to file and vice versa
  • Support for Windows and Linux OS

Please find more information on the extensive functions of the ITALA API in the ITALA SDK documentation available in the installation directory.


ITALA View is a GUI tool which allows the evaluation, configuration and troubleshooting of ITALA® cameras. With a comprehensive set of utilities and wizards, Itala View speeds up the evaluation and deployment of a vision system built around ITALA cameras.

With reference to the image below, the main window of Itala View can be divided in different functional areas:

  1. Menu bar, to access the settings, tools and wizards of the application
  2. Device discovery, with the NICs of your computer and the cameras connected to them
  3. Device information and control
  4. Video streaming
  5. Image data analysis and logging
  6. GenICam feature tree
ITALA View main window.
ITALA View main window.

From the Tools menu you can access two important utilities:

  • IP configurator, to efficiently address network configuration issues of Itala cameras, including but not restricted to:
    1. Camera and NIC set with persistent IPs but different subnets
    2. Camera and NIC set with persistent IPs but different subnet masks
    3. Camera set in DHCP mode and NIC set with a persistent IP
    4. Camera set with a persistent IP and NIC set in DHCP mode
IP configurator window.
IP configurator window.
  • Firmware update, where you can install firmware files after downloading them from Opto Engineering website
Firmware update window.
Firmware update window.

From the Wizard you can access three important utilities:

  • LUT wizard, to view and edit the LUT of the selected camera which allows the user to set a transformation at a pixel level
LUT wizard window.
LUT wizard window.
  • Defective pixels correction wizard, to perform a custom pixel correction that takes into account environmental factors which can increase the amount of defective pixels during the camera life
Defective pixels correction wizard.
Defective pixels correction wizard.
  • Color correction wizard, to calibrate the camera in specific light conditions with a reference color and obtain an optimal color rendering
Color correction wizard.
Color correction wizard.

Third party software compatibility

Itala cameras are compliant to GigEVision and GenICam standards, allowing easy integration with third party vision software. In addition, the SDK includes a GenTL producer (.cti file) compliant with the GenTL specifications hosted by EMVA. This further enhances the interoperability with other compliant devices and software.

The list of compatible third party software includes, but it’s not limited to:

  • FabImage® by Opto Engineering
  • VisionPro by Cognex
  • Halcon by MVTec
  • Merlic by MVTec
  • LabVIEW by National Instruments
  • Aurora Design Assistant™ by Zebra
  • Aurora™ by Zebra

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