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ITALA G cameras for high-speed check of injector nozzles
Download: ITALA G cameras for high-speed check of injector nozzles
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Injector nozzles are widely used in the automotive industry and are subjects to different types of inspection, as they undergo both measurement and surface checks. In addition, data matrix reading is often performed for traceability purposes. For these reasons, a double type of inspection with a different set of hardware is usually required: a backlight configuration for measurement and a front-light configuration for surface inspection and data matrix reading.

OE® Imaging solutions

TCCAGE optics by Opto Engineering®, with their combination of backlight and front illumination, enable all-round inspection of injector nozzles, and since they integrate telecentric lenses, accurate measurements can also be made. Furthermore, in combination with ITALA® cameras and their dual-exposure mode, these optics ensure the high levels of throughput required by the automotive industry.

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ITALA G cameras for high-speed check of injector nozzles
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The case

Injector nozzles are subjected to various types of inspections, starting with dimensional ones. In fact, different diameters are measured to specific tolerances to assess the goodness of the manufacturing route.

But the nozzles also undergo a surface inspection to check for defects such as scratches or dents.

The application

When an all-round check of the sample is required, the most common approach is to use multiple cameras (usually 3 or 4) in order to achieve several side views of the part.

Why Opto Engineering?

With its cutting-edge technologies and innovative products, Opto Engineering® has always proven to be the partner of choice for any machine vision task, particularly when it comes to overcoming existing limitations and/or meeting specific requirements. This is the case, for example, with the solution proposed in this application, in which injector nozzles are subjected to all-round inspection and measurement at once with TCCAGE optics.

Moreover, thanks to ITALA® cameras and their dual exposure mode, two images with different illumination geometries can be captured to maximize the efficiency of the vision system and meet the typical requirements of the automotive industry.