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EN5MP series
Focal length
8 - 75 mm
Fixed focal

Key advantages

  • High resolution
    Designed for high-resolution cameras up to 5 Megapixel with 2/3” sensor.
  • Suitable for more complex applications
    Ideal to achieve complex vision tasks.
  • Cost saving solution
    High optical performance with reasonable cost.
  • Robust design
    Designed for use in machine vision applications.
  • Wide product range
    Covers the most popular focal lengths used.
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Last update 26 Jul 2023

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  1. Calculated at minimum object distance.
  2. Working distance: distance between the front end of the mechanics and the object.
  3. Value calculated at the corner point of the sensor diagonal. For distortion graphs see datasheet
  4. Measured from the front end of the mechanics to the camera flange at infinite focusing.
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