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Last update 20 Feb 2024

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Hardware and software in perfect alignment

Suggested configuration

Hardware and software in perfect alignment

Adjustable mounting mechanics are extremely helpful in aligning lenses and lights, but how do you assess the quality of the alignment itself?

Thanks to built in tools designed to achieve optimal alignment, TCLIB Suite by Opto Engineering® is the perfect answer to this question.

Combining the power of the hardware and software, it will maximize the system, to work at its peak, with little effort.

Suggested configuration

OpticsLightingSuggested configuration
Telecentric lensCollimated backlightAlignment mechanics on the illuminator + adjustable pattern holder
Telecentric lensDiffused backlightAdjustable pattern holder
Fixed focal lensDiffused backlightAdjustable pattern holder


Because of the installation method, the use of CMTH064, CMTH080 and CMTH096 voids the warranty on the cleaning of the compatible  lenses. For this reason the installation on the illuminators is preferable and strongly recommended.