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Telecentric light

Key advantages

  • Deliver excellent performances
    LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators deliver exactly the same excellent optical performances as other Opto Engineering® telecentric illuminators.
  • Downsize your vision system
    LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators are up to 60% smaller than other telecentric illuminators on the market.
  • Easy retrofitting into existing systems
    LTCLHP CORE illuminators can be mounted in different directions in your machine.
  • Improve your system performances
    LTCLHP CORE illuminators may be used instead of flat backlights to improve your system.
  • Cut costs and sell more
    A smaller system means less expenses and less space and is preferred by the industry.
  • Homogeneity test report with measured values
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LTCLHP CORE series is now also available with new LTSCHP1W-GZ green light source, suitable for any kind of sample and specifically tailored for measuring reflective objects and objects with sharp edges.


  1. Reduction of edge diffraction effects
  2. Enhanced illumination uniformity, especially on large FOVs
  3. Less sensitive to alignment

Ordering information

To order the version with the new green LED module use p/n
LTCLCRxxx-GZ (i.e. LTCLCR064-GZ)

LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators are up to 60% shorter than other telecentric illuminators on the market.
LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminators are up to 60% shorter than other telecentric illuminators on the market.
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Last update 03 Aug 2023

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  1. Beam shape is not circular. See Tech Info for minimun beam dimensions.
  2. Opto Engineering® recommends green light for high precision measurement applications
  3. Tolerance ± 10%
  4. At max forward current. Tolerance is ± 0.06V on forward voltage measurements
  5. In continuous mode (not pulsed)
  6. At pulse width <= 10 ms and duty cycle <= 10%. Built-in electronics board must be bypassed (see tech info)
  7. Nominal value, with no spacers in place
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Technical documents

Product user guide
LTCLHP manual
LTCLHP CORE - Minimun beam shape dimension

LTCLHP CORE - True collimated illumination in a reduced space

A standard collimated illuminator is impossible to use due to lack of space.

Classic solution with diffuse backlight: less precise measurements due to surface reflections and uncertain edge position.

Smart solution with LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminator: no edge uncertainty for excellent measurement results.

The smartest solution with TC CORE telecentric lens and LTCLHP CORE telecentric illuminator: excellent measurement results in a super compact space.