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CMMR series
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Key advantages

  • Reflect light at 90°.
  • Ideal for limited spaces.
  • Easy and secure clamping system.
  • Compatible with telecentric lenses and illuminators.
  • Optional protective windows available.
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Last update 16 Feb 2024

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  1. Value to be subtracted from the objective or illuminator working distance when the CMMR is used. For the CMMR4K Series, the minumum value is reported.
  2. To be ordered separately

Ordering information

Additional clamping mechanics are required to adequately support combination of CMMR with telecentric lenses and illuminators. CMHO series clamping mechanics can be used prior to verification of mechanical compatibility (see CMHO series mechanical drawings available online). CMHO is not compatible with the combination of the following two products: CMMR and TC13xxx.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
CMMR instructions

About CMMR working distance

CMMR4K models

CMMR4K-V schematics

CMMR4K-L schematics

About CMMR working distance

CMMR object distances (d) in mm*
TC series TC2MHR-4MHR series TC16M series TC12K series
036 048 056 064 072 080 085 13096 xx96 036 048 056 064 080 096 036 048 056 064 080 096 064 080
CMMR 036 20.1 20.1 19.6
CMMR 048 37.0 37.0 29.4
CMMR 056 50.7 50.7 41.4
CMMR 064 63.8 63.8 52.5 44.3
CMMR 080 90.1 90.1 90.1 60.4 19.8
CMMR 096 124.0 124.0 123.0 123.0 106.4
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(*) When placing WI0xx protective windows in front of CMMR 45° mirrors, working distance increases of approximately one third of the window thickness (t)

`"WD"_"new" ≈ "WD"_"lens" + t/3`

CMMR mirror combined with a telecentric lens.

CMMR mirror combined with a telecentric illuminator.

CMMR4K models

CMMR4K are 45° first surface mirrors that produce a right-angled bend of the light path. CMMR4K  are available in two versions: -V and -L, respectively bending the light rays vertically (either upwards or downwards) or laterally (either to the left or the right). 

Additionally, the design of the CMMR4K models allows the user to flexibly adjust the distance between the mirror and the front end of TC4K/LTCL4K optics. Refer to the schematics for further details.

CMMR4K-V schematics

CMMR4K-V bends the light rays vertically.

CMMR4K-L schematics

CMMR4K-L bends the light rays laterally.