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Which telecentric lens is right for my application?

It depends on your detector resolution and the size of the sample to be inspected: our imaging lens selector will guide you through all the possible sample/lens/detector combinations.

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Last update 05 Sep 2023

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  1. Working distance: distance between the front end of the mechanics and the object. Set this distance within ±3% of the nominal value for maximum resolution and minimum distortion.
  2. Working f-number (wf/N): the real f-number of a lens in operating conditions.
  3. Maximum angle between chief rays and optical axis on the object side. Typical (average production) values and maximum (guaranteed) values are listed.
  4. Percent deviation of the real image compared to an ideal, undistorted image. Typical (average production) values and maximum (guaranteed) values are listed.
  5. At the borders of the field depth the image can be still used for measurement but, to get a very sharp image, only half of the nominal field depth should be considered. Pixel size used for calculation is 7 μm.
  6. Object side, calculated with the Rayleigh criterion with λ= 520 nm
  7. FD stands for Flange Distance (in mm), defined as the distance from the mounting flange (the “metal ring” in rear part of the lens) to the camera detector plane.
  8. Indicates the availability of an integrated camera phase adjustment feature.
  9. Measured from the front end of the mechanics to the camera flange.
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Product user guide
Back focal adjustment

Wide image circle

Phase adjustment

Wide image circle

Phase adjustment

Adjusting the phase of the camera mounted on TC12K telecentric lenses is easy: simply loosen the three set screws and rotate the camera mount until you achieve the desired angular alignment.

TC12K phase adjustment
TC12K phase adjustment

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