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Key advantages

  • Small parts lateral imaging
    Inspection of objects whose size ranges from 1 to 10 mm.
  • Measurement capability
    Top and lateral views show the same magnification.
  • High depth of field
    Top and Lateral views are imaged without significant defocusing.
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Custom features

- different number of views
- different angles of view
- asymmetric or special mirror arrays can be supplied upon request.

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Last update 05 Sep 2023

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  1. Working distance: distance between the front end of the mechanics and the object.
  2. Working f-number (wf/N): the real f-number of a lens in operating conditions.
  3. Tolerance ± 2%.
  4. With constant driving voltage.
  5. Drop to 50% intensity @ 25°C.
  6. Measured from the front end of the mechanics to the camera flange.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
Back focal adjustment
PCMPMIRR replacement

The suggested working distance ranges from 1.5 to 5 mm. The best focusing can be achieved by adjusting the number of spacers in the C-mount interface or by vertically positioning the illuminator+mirror assembly.

The image orientation phase can be adjusted by simply rotating the mirror cage or the whole assembly.

The top and side views show exactly the same magnification; however the side views appear to be compressed because of the perspective angle. Thanks to telecentric imaging such compression is purely linear and therefore very easy to calibrate.

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