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MC3M3-03X macro
0.1-3 x

Key advantages

  • Wide range of magnifications
    MC3M3-03X is suitable for the inspection of many different object sizes.
  • Nearly zero distortion
    Less than 0.05% distortion, at any magnification, makes this lens a perfect choice for high-precision measurement applications.
  • Perfect optical parameters mix
    Changing the magnification also changes the working F-number of the lens in such a way that resolution and distortion are always optimized.
  • Wide image circle for sensors up to 1.1”
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Application examples

  • High-precision inspection of PCBs and electronics components
  • Inspection of samples with objects of different sizes
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Last update 18 Jan 2024

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  1. Working distance: distance between the front end of the mechanics and the object. Set this distance within ±3% of the nominal value for maximum resolution and minimum distortion.
  2. Working f-number (wf/N): the real f-number of a lens in operating conditions.
  3. Percent deviation of the real image compared to an ideal, undistorted image.
  4. At the borders of the field depth the image can be still used for measurement but, to get a very sharp image, only half of the nominal field depth should be considered. Pixel size used for calculation is 3.45 μm.
  5. Object side, calculated with the Rayleigh criterion with λ= 520 nm
  6. Measured from the front end of the mechanics to the camera flange.
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