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LTLA series
Ring light
High power
Light angle
60 °

Key advantages

  • Ultra-high power light output and strobe mode only operation
    For the inspection of fast moving object and extended LED lifetime.
  • Rugged industrial design with built-in industrial connector
    For easy integration into any machine vision system.
  • Compatible LTDV strobe controllers available
    For easy and appropriate power, control and synchronization of the illuminator.
  • Low angle beam shaping diffuser
    Highly diffusive material prevents hot spots formation and ensures uniform light intensity.
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Designed for OEM applications

  • Compatible LTDV strobe controllers available to easily power, control and synchronise LED illuminators.

Application examples

Plastic cap illuminated by a LTLA, revealing the surface texture.
Plastic cap illuminated by a LTLA, revealing the surface texture.
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Last update 03 Aug 2023

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  1. Measured at maximum current and maximum working distance.
  2. At 25°C. At max pulse width (1 ms), max pulse frequency = 15 Hz.
  3. At 25°C.

Ordering information

It’s easy to select the right illuminator for your application: our part numbers are coded as LTLAxy-z, where x defines the illuminator size (B = medium, C = large),
y refers to the power intensity (1 = medium, 2 = high) and z refers to color (W = white, R = red, G = green).
For instance LTLAB2-R is a diffusive strobed low angle ring light illuminator - medium size high power red.
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