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Key advantages

  • LED technology for perfectly sharp edges
    Thinner lines, sharper edges and more even illumination than lasers
  • High power
    For minimal sensitivity to ambient light
  • Wide selection of projection patterns available (custom-made upon request)
    Chrome-on-glass patterns with geometrical accuracy down to 2 μm
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Last update 04 Aug 2023

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  1. With a 35 mm lens, F/N 1.4 at 100 mm working distance without projection pattern at maximum driving current. Estimated value.
  2. Tolerance ± 10%
  3. At max forward current.
  4. Max continuous LED driving current is supplied through the built-in electronics. No external controller is required.
  5. At 30°C, 700mA.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
LTPR pattern positioning
Safety warning UV/IR

LTPRXP models are designed for continuous mode and integrate built-in electronics that control the current flow through the LED.

LTPRXP models have fixed current and cannot be dimmed.

LTPRXP-x models featuring built-in electronics, fixed current output and ~ 10W power intensity.

Projection lens selection

2/3″ C-mount lenses

Projection lens selection

C-mount optics for 2/3” sensors (11 mm image diagonal) can be interfaced with LTPRXP series to project areas with different sizes. Unless the projection optics introduces significant distortion, the shape of the projected pattern will preserve the features and aspect ratio of the engraved pattern.

The projected area dimensions will be “M” times the original dimensions of the pattern, where M is the optical magnification at which the selected projection lens is operating.

Below follows a list of the projection diameters (D) and the recommended projection distances (P.d.) achieved with different types of optics.

2/3″ C-mount lenses

P.D. @50 @75 @100 @150 @200 @250 @300 @400 @500
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
D (Projection diameter)
6 mm 81 127 172 264
8 mm 58 (*) 92 127 195 264 333
12 mm 35 (*) 58 (*) 81 127 172 218 264
16 mm 41 (*) 58 (*) 92 (*) 127 161 195 264 333
25 mm 55 (*) 77 (*) 99 (*) 121 (*) 165 209 (*)
35 mm 68 (*) 83 (*) 115 146
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(*) = spacers may be needed to compensate back focal length

Standard C-mount lenses + LTRXP
Standard C-mount lenses + LTRXP

Pattern selection

Standard patterns

Custom-made patterns

Pattern selection

The projection pattern can be easily interchanged by unscrewing the retaining ring that holds the pattern. The pattern outer diameter is 21 mm, while the active projection area is a circle of Ø 11 mm.

The pattern drawing could either cover the entire 11 mm diameter area or be of any shape inscribed within this area (such as a square whose side is 7.78 mm or an 8.8 x 6.6 mm rectangle).

The projection accuracy depends both on the pattern manufacturing accuracy and the distortion of the projection optics mounted on the projector.

The edge sharpness of the projected pattern depends on both the lens resolution and the engraving technique: laser-engraved patterns (part numbers ending in “L”) or photolithography-engraved patterns (part numbers ending in “P”) can be chosen depending on the type of application.

Standard patterns

Custom-made patterns

Custom-made patterns can be supplied on request. A drawing with accurate geometrical information must be submitted (please refer to the instructions here below).

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