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Last update 16 Feb 2024

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  1. Tolerance ± 10%
  2. At max forward current. Tolerance is ± 0.06V on forward voltage measurements
  3. In continuous mode (non-pulsed)
  4. At pulse width <= 10 ms and duty cycle <= 10%. Built-in electronics board must be bypassed (see tech info)
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Technical documents

Product user guide
LTCLHP manual

Instructions for use

Instructions for use

Operation options

LTSCHP LED modules can be operated in two ways:

  • standard usage option: through the built-in electronics
  • direct LED control usage option

STANDARD usage option (LED control through built-in electronics)

Only continuous mode (constant voltage) is allowed.


Connect the black and brown cables to your +12 / +24 V power supply.

Light intensity adjustment

The built-in multi-turn trimmer allows to control the light (LED forward current) intensity with a very high degree of precision: you can bring the current intensity from minimum to maximum with 21 full turns of the adjustment screw. Simply remove the protective cap and rotate counter-clockwise the adjustment screw to increase light intensity and vice versa.

Direct LED control usage option

Both continuous and pulsed mode are allowed; the built-in electronics can be bypassed in order to drive the LED directly for use in continuous or pulsed mode. When bypassed, builtin electronics behaves as an open circuit allowing direct control of the LED source. Please note that in such case light intensity adjustment is not possible though the built-in multi-turn trimmer.

Connect the black and blue cables as shown below (remove the LED anode protective cover).

Make sure not to exceed LEDs maximum rates to avoid electrical shorts.