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Syringes are inspected at a full 360° to check for possible incorrect cap placements or bent needles. TC CAGE lenses allow to obtain four orthonormal views in a single image that is then processed by a dedicated vision software.

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TC CAGE series by Opto Engineering® is the perfect choice to inspect syringes. The unique design integrates a bi-telecentric lens and a mirror array to generate four simultaneous views of the sample, thus avoiding expensive and complex multi-camera systems.

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Application case syringes needles vials
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The inspection of pharmaceutical syringes is an extremely important step in the production process. These products must meet the highest quality requirements as well as being affordable. Quality ensures high safety standards for patients and healthcare professionals; whereas the affordable price is crucial because these are disposable goods.

Machine vision is a key factor in achieving the required level of quality. A 100% automated inspection process can be easily achieved with the correct combination of lens, illuminator, camera, and software.

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Vials used for pharmaceutical purposes must meet the same strict quality standards mentioned above for syringes. Health and safety always depend on an accurate control of each product component.

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