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Key advantages

  • 4 Pin M8 connector
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Test report with measured uniformity
  • Ultra high-power light output and strobe mode operation
    For inspection and measurement of fast moving objects and an extended LED lifetime
  • Suitable for frequent cleaning
    Thanks to the optical grade and scratch resistant protective cover
  • Wide selection and modular design
    Size options range from 48 x 36 to 288 x 216 mm available in red, white, green, blue and infrared
  • Compact design with reduced thickness (26 mm)
  • Special continuous alignment mode
  • Optional integrated collimation film
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Lighting structure

Lighting structure
Lighting structure
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Last update 03 Aug 2023

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  1. Minimum value, at max driving current, on emitting surface. Where n.a. is reported data is available upon request.
  2. Models where two currents are listed (such as LTBP240180-R) feature two separate channels.
  3. At 25°C.

Ordering information

Our part numbers are coded as LT2BC xxx yyy - z - a, where:
- xxx defines the illumination area length (in mm),
- yyy defines the illumination area width (in mm),
- z defines the color. R = red, G = green, B = blue, W = white, IR860 = Infrared 860 nm,
- a defines the presence of an optional optical sheet. CO = with collimation films in both horizontal and vertical directions. Leave empty if no optional optical sheet is required. For additional options such as horizontal/vertical linear or circular polarizers, contact us.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
Wiring for Opto Engineering high power LED lights

Typical emission spectrum of type A LEDs (R, G, B)

Typical emission spectrum of type B LEDs (R, G, B)

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