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Sealed Air against plastic waste in the environment

November 20, 2023
Sealed Air Corporation has joined Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a new global organisation composed of around 30 companies that have committed to investing $ 1.

5 billion in solutions to help eliminate plastic waste in the environment over the next five years.

“Alliance brings together key members of the entire value chain, from the suppliers of materials to waste management companies, to jointly develop solutions that can manage and minimise plastic waste and promote means for using them in a "circular economy", says Ted Doheny, President and CEO of Sealed Air.

"Our investments in innovation, including collaborations with partners such as Alliance, will help us accelerate progress towards our 2025 sustainability goals".

Alliance is a non-profit organisation that unites companies that produce, use, sell, process, collect and recycle plastics.

Plastic manufacturers, converters, consumer goods companies, retailers and waste management companies will work together for action to improve the environment and industry sectors.

"Keeping our environment waste-free is important for the future of our planet", says Jim Fitterling, CEO of Dow.

"Working with companies like Sealed Air allows Alliance to accelerate efforts and take decisive action to end plastic waste in the environment".

In addition to participating in Alliance, Sealed Air recently announced the "2025 Sustainability and Plastics Pledge", committing to making 100% recyclable or reusable packaging, with an average recycled content of 50% by 2025.

Sealed Air also participates in the New Plastics Economy initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and recently became a signatory of the global New Plastics Economy Global Commitment.


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