Opto Engineering® - 20 years
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The new headquarters
Greener, larger spaces designed to meet the highest energy and environmental standards for worker well-being

Opto Engineering® presents the design of the new Mantua headquarters that will see the light of day in 2025.

Within two years, on an area of six thousand square meters in the Borgonuovo neighborhood (Mantua) will rise the new Opto Engineering Headquarters that aims to support the constant growth of business and people that are its beating heart.

We have chosen to stay in our city because the quality of life guaranteed by a small but urban regeneration-oriented center is preferable to European, U.S. or Asian cities where the company already occupies a niche position. With this ambitious project, we are an integral part of an urban regeneration of the entire area.

"Every company that invests in quality, employment, research and sustainability in our city finds in us an efficient and concrete public partner."
Mattia Palazzi, Mayor of Mantua

Natural inspiration

Inspired by an industrial architecture integrated with nature, the project bears the signature of the Soprint studio in Mantua, which in the creative process was inspired by the "young" character of the company and what it produces: the focal point will be the main executive building to which other buildings will be connected that will house the production areas, meeting rooms, canteen, relational spaces and automated warehouse.

The facade of the buildings will feature shading louvers and glass, a photovoltaic system on the roofs, and air treatment and sanitation systems. An expansion that, when fully operational, aims to reach 200 employees, compared to about 80 at the Mantua location today.

Also in the future are plans for a large green area, semi-detached houses and other small buildings for citizens and employees. This is the first step, but the municipality and Opto Engineering® aim to build a "citadel of innovation" where they can attract young entrepreneurs who intend to create their own start-ups in the field of machine vision technology.

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