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Creating a shared value

Projects that give back value to the community

Opto Engineering®, in over 20 years of activity, has tried to grow a small community of excellent people inspired by the corporate values of Commitment, Courage and Intellectual Honesty. This has been a rewarding challenge and not without difficulties.

If Opto Engineering® is that positive reality that our collaborators, customers, suppliers, partners and the communities where we operate describe, expanding this model is not only possible, but a moral duty and is perhaps all we can do to contribute, with our tools, to make part of the Earth and humanity better.

March 11, 2024

International Women's Day 2024

On International Women's Day, Opto Engineering traditionally gives all the women in Team HQ a unique experience!
8 Marzo 2024 1
October 24, 2023

Machine Vision at Fermi Institute in Mantova

The company Opto Engineering will lead a group of Fermi Inst. students in the design and implementation of machine vision components in the coming months.
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