Opto Engineering® - 20 years
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What guides and inspires us

Our vision
In a world where imaging technologies will increasingly be part of everyday life, we want to become the preferred partner for anyone working within the machine vision industry, in a corporate or academic role.

Our mission
Our goal is to create over time a distinctive and sustainable service while developing, supplying, and supporting the most advanced products and technologies in the machine vision field.

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Commitment is the ethical approach to work that exhibits itself through the active participation in a sustained growth process, a virtuous circle that is a source of inspiration by itself as well as to everyone else.

Being committed means loving things well-done, noticing small details, and completing all tasks while always improving your synergy with coworkers, growing your own role within the company and being an active contributor to your community.

Values courage

Courage is the determination to change always choosing the best path instead of the shortest one, facing one's own limits and overcoming them, without being afraid of falling and getting up again.

Having courage means improving yourself along with everything around you, taking risks and facing the consequences, having your own vision, and sharing it with enthusiasm, knowing how to invent by being risk-aware but fearless towards change.

Intellectual honesty
Values intellectual Honesty

Intellectual honesty is the ability to observe oneself through someone else's eyes while remaining anchored in one's own convictions and prioritizing wisely truth over comfort.

Being intellectually honest means having an objective view of reality, knowing your own strengths as well of those of others. It means knowing how to always question yourself by admitting your limits and foreseeing critical issues even when they involve change and a greater effort.

Values intellectual Honesty 2
Giornata dei Valori

On 15 September 2021, Opto Engineering organized La Giornata dei Valori for its entire team, a special event at the Teatro Sociale of Mantua to share the company values, mission and vision.

In 2023 we decided to start again from that day to continue the path of awareness of our corporate values: commitment, courage and intellectual honesty.

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We were helped by a team of specialists from the Teatro Magro in Mantua who accompanied us on a training course in Opto Engineering style, so not traditional!

A new experience that involved the entire company with the aim of getting to know each other better, deepening knowledge within our team and training us to practice virtuous behaviour in harmony with our values.

We are Opto Engineering®