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Environmentally friendly packaging for a sustainable future

November 10, 2019
In 2017 Opto Engineering® decided to completely renew the packaging of its products, abandoning, where possible, the use of high environmental impact material, such as plastic foam.

In collaboration with Ratioform, a company famous for the creation of packaging for big brands, we designed and tested the new product boxes with the prerogative of making them totally recyclable and with low environmental impact.

All of 2018 and part of 2019 were years of tests and optimisations to obtain reliable packaging, in which the product was protected to cover long distances. In fact, after encountering several problems we have now reached an excellent result. Thanks to the Sealed Air® patent, we have developed a corrugated box, in small and medium sizes, with a plastic and glue content below 5% in weight.

On the other hand, the boxes of large, CORE and CORE PLUS telecentric lenses represent the new challenge for 2020. The goal is to replace the black shells, currently made of plastic, with cardboard shells. In fact, Opto Engineering® has set itself the PLASTIC FREE 2025 target for its own packaging by adhering to the campaign launched by Sealed Air® THE ONLY CHOICE IS CHANGE.

Boxes made in the US

The boxes of some high resolution Opto Engineering® camera models were produced directly in the United States in observance of American standards for sustainability and recycling. The term Corrugated Recycles is both a statement of fact and a way of promoting recycling.

Applying the symbol on a corrugated container does not mean that "this container is made of recycled material". Rather, it simply means that "this container can and should be recycled". When you see one of the following three symbols on a corrugated container, you know it can be recycled. The symbol for recycling corrugated cardboard can be used all over the world both to promote the recycling of the cardboard itself and to advertise its maximum recyclability. The symbol can be used without cost or any registration process.

The use of the symbol on corrugated cardboard is strongly supported and encouraged provided that there are no national or local laws or regulations prohibiting its use.

Boxes made in China

In China, unfortunately, to date there is no law to protect the environment in relation to packaging, however our suppliers always require guarantees on the use of recyclable cardboard and the reduction of the percentage of plastic used in the product packaging.

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