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Environment-friendly graphic design

October 26, 2019
Introducing a radical new design for our product boxes.

The graphic design of the new boxes is deliberately totally different from the previous blue versions, because in addition to the evolution of the brand, the intention is to communicate the new packaging concept, using all of the technical and aesthetic limits of sustainability to our advantage.

To be recyclable corrugated cardboard must maintain its original beige colour and the water-based inks tend to have an uneven and low binding yield.

After numerous tests and graphic concepts, the choice was a mimetic pixel texture: mimicry in nature represents the first form of adaptation to the surrounding environment through low visual impact.

The camouflage pattern is also aesthetically pleasing and "fashionable" as well as totally new in our sector. Our irreverent spirit has given us the strength to implement this courageous choice which, today, is distinctive and appreciated.

How our plastic-free packaging is assembled.
How our plastic-free packaging is assembled.
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