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Italian Machine Vision Forum: Opto Engineering wins "Best Presentation" award

October 03, 2023
During the Italian Machine Vision Forum, which took place Oct. 3 at the Rimini Palacongressi, Opto Engineering was awarded the prize for best presentation.

Our Product Manager Beatrice Danese presented in the Technology section on the benefits of using liquid lenses in machine vision.

"Among the main current and future technology trends are liquid lenses, which are being integrated into many machine vision lenses to maximize their benefits, as the optical design is specifically designed to have high performance, ensuring a compact and robust product suitable for industrial environments and the needs for flexibility, speed and ease of integration.

An example is the TCEL telecentric lenses or the new EL5MP fixed focal length lenses, together with the special 360° view optics also available with integrated liquid lenses.

In synergy with our philosophy of innovation and development of versatile quality products, the new ITALA G.EL cameras, designed and manufactured in Italy with state-of-the-art electronic components and firmware solutions and equipped with integrated liquid lens control, make it possible to greatly simplify the integration of liquid lens technology by avoiding the use of dedicated external hardware," highlighted Beatrice Danese.

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