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Besides producing state-of-the-art telecentric lenses and other innovative optics for machine vision, Opto Engineering® develops dozens of custom-made optics every year according to customer specifications.

We are often asked to deliver special optics to fit certain optical perfomances, dimensional constraints or camera formats which no off-the-shelf product would be suitable for.

In many cases what we deliver is actually unique because of its specific optical layout allowing for very special imaging functions: most customers are often surprised at how effectively we manage to solve complex imaging issues which were labelled as impossible.

This list will serve to get just a feeling of the numerous developments Opto Engineering® has carried out during last few years.

Telecentric lenses

Numerous types of lenses for shaft measurement.

A variety of lenses and collimated illuminators for pre-set machines.

Different types of lenses for cell and blood inspection applications.

Very special lenses for wafer and silicon inspection.

Several double port optics for dual magnification measurement.

Macro lenses

Lens assembly with moving filter for banknotes inspection.

Lenses for data-matrix code reading.

Lens for microscopy imaging.

Lens for hardness testing.

Many types of lenses for document acquisition and scanning.

Different kinds of zero distortion lenses for dimensional measurement.

Fiberoptic endoscopy optics.

Lenses for car wheels alignment.

Lenses for key dimensional control.

IR missile tracking optics.

Different types of fingerprint analisys optics.

Macro lenses for X-ray imaging .

Multi Mag family

5x 3-5 micron IR motorized zoom for military/naval environment.

12x motorized lens for textile inspection.

5x motorized lens for plastic parts inspection.

motorized lens for measurement applications.

360° view optics

Hole inspection lenses for mechanical parts.

Hole inspection probes for engine control.

Different types of panoramic lenses for security application.

Special pericentric lenses for plastic parts inspection.

Multi-mirror assemblies for glass and plastic components inspection.

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