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Solve It Optically!

What it is

Hundreds of Machine Vision Engineers are constantly on the search for new optical solutions to improve the performances and the reliability of their vision systems. Their ability and confidence in picking the right products and putting them together effectively is the key factor for success in most machine vision projects.

Besides offering a unique selection of truly innovative lenses, Opto Engineering® can now fully assist you to do feasibility studies and lay out the most efficient optical setup for a project with the SOLVE IT OPTICALLY! Program. We at Opto Engineering® can give extensive support in optics and in how they combine with different cameras, lights and other parts of a vision system.

We enjoy to help customers by thinking up unusual optical solutions and by sharing tips and tricks about unconventional optical approaches that come from our expertise in optics.

Key advantages

  • Choose with confidence
    we will fully assist you to find the right optical solution for your application, pick the most suitable products and make the most out of them.
  • See the real deal
    tests are carried out with YOUR samples and can also be watched live!
  • Save time
    we can cooperate with your optical team and quickly direct you to the best optical system configuration
  • Save money
    sending samples to Opto Engineering® is way cheaper than shipping and handling high-end optical components on a trial basis

Start now

With the SOLVE IT OPTICALLY! Program, we can help you to solve your vision issues by doing feasibility studies and optical tests on real samples of the parts that you must inspect. All it takes is a few, simple steps:

  1. Complete the form and let us know whether if you would prefer to receive our test report or to apply for a Webcast Session. In either case, we'll quickly handle your inquiry and send you a shipping authorization document via email within 24 hours.
  2. Send us your samples according to the instructions on the shipping authorization document
  3. Within one week from receipt of the samples, you will receive our “Solve It Optically Report” or you’ll be contacted to schedule a live Webcast session.
Get in touch with our specialists and solve your application now!