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LTLADC series
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Ring light
Light angle
60, 75, 90 °

Key advantages

  • 24V DC supply voltage
  • Easy integration & compact size
  • JST connector (optional M8, M12)
  • Red, Green, Blue, White and UV
  • Segmented models with independently and simultaneously controllable channels
  • Custom sizes available on request
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Real-world application examples and case histories

Application cases

Gear dents counting and inspection with LTLADC low angle ring light (in darkfield configuration) imaged by a macro lens.

Lighting structure

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Last update 03 Aug 2023

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  1. ± 15%. See datasheet for measurments distance
  2. Tolerance ± 2%.
  3. Constant voltage power supply.
  4. Constant current power supply.

Ordering information

Our part numbers are coded as LTZZOxxx-yy-z-a-bbV where:
- xxx defines the lighting diameter
- yy defines the light angle (for this series the angle is 75 = 75°)
- z defines the number of LED rows
- a defines the color: R = red, G = green, B = blue, W = white, UV375 = UV light, 375 nm. Contact us for additional wavelengths.
- bb defines the supply voltage. Optional 12V version is available.
- CH4 denotes 4-channel models.
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Technical documents

Product user guide

Optional diffusers

Optional polarizers

Optional diffusers

Diffusers can be added to LTLADC series to increase light uniformity.

Part number Compatibility
DFLTZZO130-75-3 LTZZO130-75-3-a-24V
DFLTZZO170-75-3 LTZZO170-75-3-a-24V

Optional polarizers

Polarizers can be added to LTLADC series to reduce unwanted reflections.

Part number Compatibility
PLLTZZO130-75-3 LTZZO130-75-3-a-24V
PLLTZZO170-75-3 LTZZO170-75-3-a-24V