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Nearly zero distortion Opto Engineering® macro lenses for sensors up to 1.1”

Nearly zero distortion Opto Engineering® macro lenses for sensors up to 1.1”

Opto Engineering® expands its range of macro lenses by introducing the new MC3M series for sensors up to 1.1".

The MC3M series is designed to capture images of small objects with excellent resolution and nearly zero distortion at a fixed working distance.

Thanks to the compactness, cost-effectiveness, and high optical performance, MC3M series optics are perfectly suitable for positioning, inspection and measurement applications.


Nearly zero distortion *
The very low optical distortion makes MC3M lenses perfectly suitable for high-precision positioning/inspection/measurement applications where a high depth of field is not required.

High resolution
Specifically designed to work in "macro" configuration at a fixed working distance.

Simple and robust design for industrial environments

30 mm outer diameter for applications where only little room is available.

* Guaranteed maximum distortion value different for each model. MC3M100X has a guaranteed maximum distortion < 0.02%. Refer to the specification table and datasheets of each model to see the distortion values and related graphs.


  • Wide image circle for sensors up to 1.1"
  • Magnification range: 0.100x, 0.200x, 0,333x 0.400x, 0.500x, 0.750x, 1.000x, 1.500x, 2.000x, 3.000x, 4.000x, 5.000x, and 6.000x
  • C mount
Application examples
  • High-precision inspection of connectors
  • Inspection of metal parts for surface defect identification
  • Fiducial inspection on PCBs for positioning check
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Published on
January 18, 2024