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FabImage® Software

Together with optics, lighting and cameras, software is a fundamental step in the development of a vision system. The software is essential to correct, process and analyze images ensuring that the result of the vision system meets inspection requirements.

With a low-level programming approach, eg. C++ combined with libraries dedicated to machine vision, you have total freedom of action; however, this requires a highly qualified and dedicated resource. That's why Opto Engineering® FabImage® Studio is the perfect solution for software development!

FabImage® Studio is a tool for machine vision engineers that will assist you in creating your applications.

The software follows a simple one logical approach to flowchart, going from input to output, combined with one of the libraries most complete on the market, with over 1000 functions. In this half-day training course, you’ll learn the basics of FabImage® Studio, how to put together basic but yet 100% functioning machine vision applications.

People new to the machine vision who need to plan, design or use machine vision systems.
o prior machine vision knowledge is required.

Machine Vision engineers who would like to get to know a remarkable tool for their future software projects.

  • Introduction to FabImage® Studio
  • Image acquisition
  • Region analysis, Template matching and Shape Fitting
  • Formulas, Macrofilter, Result Analysis
  • HMI (Human-Machine Interface)

Contact us to receive pricing information. Each participant will receive the training material in advance.

The price includes training documents, a certificate of participation and an individual appointment with our application engineers to discuss your application.

The training course will be subject to a minimum of participants. You will receive confirmation for the event 1 week in advance.

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