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In the realm of high-speed machine vision tasks, optimizing data transfer speed and bandwidth utilization is essential for achieving real-time insights. Join us for a comprehensive webinar tailored to professionals seeking to enhance the quality and efficacy of their high-speed machine vision applications. Explore the capabilities of 10GigE ITALA® cameras and their on-camera image compression technology in a focused discussion on optimizing efficiency and performance.

From alleviating data transfer bottlenecks to improving system responsiveness, the combined power of on-camera image compression and the 10GigE interface offers significant advantages for high-speed machine vision applications.

Discover how on-camera image compression enhances data transmission efficiency by reducing the size of image files without compromising quality, thereby alleviating bandwidth constraints and accelerating data transfer rates. Simultaneously, discover the enhanced speed and throughput capabilities provided by the 10GigE camera interface.

In this webinar, we'll delve into essential features designed specifically for high-speed environments, including Burst Mode, Fast Trigger Mode, and Dual Exposure. Understand how these functionalities streamline image capture, synchronization, and exposure adjustment to meet the demands of fast-paced applications. Paired with the robust data transfer capabilities of 10GigE cameras, these features offer a reliable solution for demanding high-speed machine vision tasks.

Whether optimizing production lines or conducting quality inspections, this webinar equips you with practical insights to streamline workflows effectively. Join us as we explore the tools and techniques shaping the future of efficiency and performance in machine vision technology.

  • Introduction to ITALA® 10GigE Cameras
  • 10GigE interface
  • On-board image compression
  • Burst mode, Fast trigger mode, Dual exposure
  • Relevant applications
  • Practical example

Free of charge

After the webinar, each participant will receive the training material consisting of the .pdf presentation and a private link to the video recording on Vimeo.

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