Opto Engineering® - 20 years

Selecting the proper machine vision lens is paramount to obtaining high-quality image for a correct and efficient following processing. Though the result also depends on the camera resolution and pixel size, a lens is in many cases the stepping stone to build a machine vision system, therefore our motto at Opto Engineering® is “OPTICS FIRST”. Telecentric lenses are employed for demanding machine vision tasks, such as precision measurement, where low distortion is required or when perspective errors must be avoided.

Opto Engineering® offers an extensive portfolio of precision telecentric optics to answer all your needs: from standard to high resolution and line scan, from classic designs to compact and flat ones. Moreover, a wide range of magnifications and working distances is available, not to mention all our specialties including telecentric optics with liquid lenses, optical benches, multi-mag lenses and more.

360° View lenses by Opto Engineering® are uniquely designed optics allowing you to reduce the number of components in a vision system. They offer a smart approach to solving machine vision tasks and have become a standard in many industries.

Macro lenses are employed for close-range applications where high precision is required, while fixed focal length lenses are general-purpose products, suitable for a wide variety of machine vision tasks: Opto Engineering® offers a wide range of macro and fixed focal length lenses to answer all your needs.