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Electrical specifications
User interface RS485 (via Modbus/RTU slave)
Status LED Yes (for all I/Os)
Configuration software LTSW included
Output channels 6, independent, constant current
Output current range (A) 3.5A - 17.0 pulsed (in steps of 98 mA)
Max dissipable thermal power per channel (W) 5
Synchronization inputs n° (1) 4 opto-isolated digital inputs
Synchronization outputs n° 2 opto-isolated digital outputs
Pulse delay (2) (μs) 0 - 65535
Pulse width (2) (μs) 10 - 65535
Timing repeatability for pulse delay (3) (μs) 0.1
Timing repeatability for pulse width (3) (μs) 0.1
Supply voltage (4) (V) 24
Output voltage (V) 0 - 36
Max startup/inrush current (A) -
Mechanical specifications
Length (5) (mm) 205
Width (5) (mm) 123
Height (5) (mm) 84
Mass (g) 1300
Mounting DIN rail
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature (°C) 0-40
Storage temperature (°C) 0-50
Operating relative humidity (%) 20-85, non condensing
IP rating IP20
Installation Indoor use only

Last update 22 Mar 2024



  1. Operate from 3.3V to 24V.
  2. In variable resolution depending on selected value.
  3. Digital processing.
  4. 24V supply must be regulated at ± 10%.
  5. Including DIN rail where available on the product.

Ordering information

ADPT001 consists of - one RS485-USB adapter and - one cable for connection with LTDV6CH. In order to configure LTDV6CH via software a RS485 port must be provided. To be ordered separately.
All product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, functionality, design or other. Photos and pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Technical documents

LTDV1CH-17V Manual
LTDVE1CH-40F Manual
LTDVE2CH-20F Manual
LTDVE4CH-20 Manual
LTDV6CH Manual
LTDVE8CH-20 Manual


LTDV LTIC Library v1.04
LTSW configuration software


Firmware LTDVE1CH-40F v1.11
Firmware LTDVE2CH-20F v1.11
Firmware LTDVE4CH-20 v1.10
Firmware LTDVE8CH-20 v1.10


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Adapter RS485-USB + cable with 3 elements for LTDV6CH connection
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