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Key advantages

  • 24V DC supply voltage
  • Easy integration & compact size
  • JST connector (optional M8, M12)
  • Red, Green, Blue, White, UV and RGBW
  • Custom sizes available on request
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Application cases

Measurement and burr inspection of mechanical valves using LTCXC series with telecentric lenses

Lighting structure

LTCXC Lighting structure
LTCXC Lighting structure
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Last update 19 Mar 2024

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  1. ± 15%. See datasheet for measurments distance.
  2. Tolerance ± 2%.
  3. Constant voltage power supply.
  4. Constant current power supply.

Additional notes

  1. Refers to datasheet for RGBW lighting limitations.
  2. See downloads for assembly instruction guideline.

Ordering information

Our part numbers are coded as LT2QOGxxx-yy-X-a-bbV where:
- xxx defines the lighting area width and length
- yy defines the light angle (for this series the angle is 00 = 0°)
- a defines the color: R = red, G = green, B = blue, W = white, UV365 = UV light, 365 nm, RGBW = red, green, blue and white. Contact us for additional wavelengths.
- bb defines the supply voltage. Optional 12V version is available.
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Technical documents

Product user guide
LT3QOG200-00-X-X-24V beamsplitter assembly guideline
LT3QOG250-00-X-X-24V beamsplitter assembly guideline
LT3QOG250-00-X-X-24V beamsplitter installation video

Optional mounting bracket

Optional mounting bracket

Specifically designed to easily mount LTQ0G040 model.

Part number Compatibility
CMLT2QOG040 LT2QOG040-00-X-a-24V