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MC4K series and MC12K series

MC4K series and MC12K series

Key Advantages

Macro design
Achieve unmatched resolution in critical applications: these lenses consistently deliver superior image quality than standard fixed focal length lenses used with extension tubes.
Optimized for high resolution cameras
MC4K series is a collection of macro lenses fitting both 4K line scan cameras and matrix detector cameras over 4/3″. MC12K feature a large image circle ensuring wide compatibility with 35mm big area scan sensors and line scan sensors (up to 62.4 mm).

Extraordinary image quality respect to competitors
MC12K series is designed with a high-quality image under the best quality/price ratio. It is proved that it has higher contrast than competitor lenses by using a US Airforce target. And less fall-off on relative illumination.

Exceptional low distortion
Perform measurement tasks with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Color correction
MC12K can distinguish the finest tonal gradations and are the ideal solution for demanding applications where color consistency is required.

Industrial design for factory automation
MC12K feature precise manual focusing mechanism to achieve the best possible image sharpness.

Application examples

Discover more about MC4K series and MC12K series on our website.

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Published on
October 08, 2017