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Introducing PCCD2M, the new catadioptric lens for 360° top and lateral view

Introducing PCCD2M, the new catadioptric lens for 360° top and lateral view

New 360° view lens for 1” sensors

An all-round inspection that avoids part rotation or multi-camera systems is a must for many machine vision applications in a variety of industries.

is the new high-resolution 360° view lens optimized for 1″ sensors exclusively developed by Opto Engineering® to get an all-round view of small objects with just one camera.

PCCD2MFeaturing an innovative optical design with a high-performance catadioptric system and a wide lateral viewing angle, PCCD2M provides a high-resolution top and lateral view of the inspected object (sample diameter 7 - 35 mm) in a single shot, thus allowing you to keep the vision system extremely compact, use a single camera and save costs.

Like all Opto Engineering® PCCD series lenses, PCCD2M is the perfect choice for the inline inspection of components like pharmaceutical containers, plastic caps, preforms, bottlenecks and threaded objects, including samples with complex geometries.

Key advantages

  • 360° imaging of small objects for outer inspection applications
  • Extra wide lateral viewing angle
  • Compactness
  • Perfect chromatic correction

Did you know?

The new PCCD2M will be showcased at SPS Italia (May 24-26, 2022):
come visit us to discover it and discuss your application needs!

Want to know more?

Visit our website at www.opto-e.com and contact our Area Managers to discover more!

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May 17, 2022