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Discover all the new Opto Engineering® ring light models

Discover all the new Opto Engineering® ring light models

LTLADC, LTLAIC and LTRNOB series of ring lights are expanding!

To solve increasingly diversified and challenging vision applications, we at Opto Engineering® have decided to expand our wide range of LED ring lights and include in our offer new segmented models, RGBW illuminators and new emission angles.

Find out now what's new in our ring light series!


  • New segmented models
    Direct LED ring lights with 4 independently and simultaneously controllable channels, ideal for Shape from Shading applications and for detecting defects on the surface of inspected objects.
  • New models with 60° and 90° emission angles
    Low-angle LED ring lights are designed to provide direct side illumination and highlight surface features and defects of inspected objects.



  • New models with 45° emission angle
    Low-angle LED ring lights for even and diffused illumination of samples, effectively preventing glare when inspecting shining surfaces.
  • New RGBW models
    RGBW diffused LED ring lights ideal for inspections in applications involving different colors.



  • New RGBW models
    RGBW LED ring lights ideal for inspecting objects in applications involving different colors and are fully compatible with Opto Engineering® 360° view lenses.


The perfect solution for your machine vision applications

Our ring lights are suitable for the inspection of parts in various industries:

Want to know more?

Contact now our Area Managers for more information and to find the best solution for you.

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February 08, 2023