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Lighting specifications
Illumination area width (mm) 316
Illumination area height (mm) 26.4
Optimal working distance (mm) 400-500
Number of LEDs 12
Light color, peak wavelength white, 6300 K
Illuminance (1) (lux) 4872
Electrical specifications
Supply voltage (2) (V) 24
Current (mA) 320
Power consumption (W) 7.7
Max pulse voltage (3) (V) 24-48 (36 recomended)
Max pulse current (4) (mA) 960
Max duty-cycle (%) 10
Max pulse duration (ms) 10
Input connector M12, 5 pins, male
Output connector M12, 5 pins, female
Cables 3 m extension cable, M12 5 pin female to flying leads
Mechanical specifications
Length (mm) 320.0
Width (mm) 33.4
Height (mm) 32.5
Mass (g) 500
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature (°C) 0-60
Operating relative humidity (%) 20-85, non condensing
Eye safety
Risk group according to CEI EN 62471:2010 Exempt

Last update 18 Jan 2023



  1. ± 15% at minimum working distance
  2. Tolerance ± 2%
  3. Constant voltage power supply
  4. Constant current power supply
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