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Telecentric zoom lens with dual liquid lens technology

Telecentric zoom lens with dual liquid lens technology

Discover the new TCZEL series by Opto Engineering®.

Thanks to the innovative optical design that combines two liquid lenses, TCZEL telecentric lenses offer maximum flexibility. With TCZEL optics you can adjust both magnification and working distance. These optics combine the accuracy of telecentric lenses, the advantages of zoom optics and the extreme versatility of liquid lenses.

Examples of application fields

Working principle

Key advantages

  • Maximum versatility
    Possibility to adjust both the magnification and the working distance.

  • Reduced wear
    No moving optical mechanical parts.
  • Faster than traditional zooms
    Liquid lens technology allows operating in a few milliseconds.

TCZEL Series in more detail

Max sensor size2/3''
Magnification rangefrom 0.180x to 0.550x
Working distance rangefrom 115 to 155 mm
Depth of field14.40 mm - 2.70 mm
Response time5 ms

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Published on
April 12, 2023