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Opto Engineering® latest innovation: discover the brand-new hypercentric lenses

Opto Engineering® latest innovation: discover the brand-new hypercentric lenses

hc series

The brand-new HC series by Opto Engineering features hypercentric lenses for sensors up to 1.1” specifically designed for the simultaneous inspection of the inner side and bottom surfaces of cylindrical hollow objects, such as bottles, cans, vials, containers, pipes and bores.



HCSI models: designed for the inspection of both the bottom and the inner walls of cavities in perfect focus.

HCBI models: developed to specifically inspect the bottom surface* of hollow objects at high resolution.

* Possibility to inspect part of the inner side walls in focus by changing the f/N of the lens.

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  • Perfect focusing of hollow objects with just one camera

Both the inner walls and the bottom of cavities are imaged at high resolution

  • Cavity inspection from the outside

No need to insert an optical probe into the hole

  • Very high field depth and flexibility

Cavities featuring different shapes and dimensions can be imaged by the same lens

  • Space-saving and cost-effective solution

Avoid complex and expensive multi-camera systems

  • Wide viewing angle

Clearly image the features of interest

The new HC lenses will be showcased at Opto Engineering booth:

Automate (Chicago, USA)

May 6-9, 2024 – Booth #1279

SPS (Parma, Italy)

May 28-30, 2024 – Booth #C031

VISION (Stuttgart, Germany)

October 8-10, 2024 – Booth #8D48

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May 03, 2024