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Machine Vision at Fermi Institute in Mantova

October 24, 2023
The company Opto Engineering will lead a group of Fermi Inst. students in the design and implementation of machine vision components in the coming months.

In the past few weeks, a group of faculty professors from the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications at Fermi Institute in Mantua met with the R&D manager of Opto Engineering to organize a Project Work that will involve the 5EELE and 5ITEL classes in the realization of some machine vision components for shape recognition and facial recognition.

The first of a series of 3 weekly meetings aimed at the 2 classes involved and their teachers was held on October 20 at Fermi where Opto Engineering experts will talk about Artificial Intelligence, Optical Systems and Project Management. Then in November, a second cycle of weekly afternoon meetings will start at the company's premises in which 2 groups of pupils will make vision components in competition with each other, evaluating alternative choices: the final products will later be available to Fermi.

The collaboration has important spin-offs: on the one hand, the school updates its skills and technical equipment by actively involving its students firsthand, who are stimulated in their interest and motivation; on the other hand, the company Opto Engineering has the opportunity to let the territory know about the levels of excellence achieved in its sector and the job opportunities for new graduates and undergraduates that it is able to offer.

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