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Opto Engineering & Festivaletteratura 2023

September 12, 2023
Given the excellent cooperation and results of the previous year, Opto Engineering has decided to support the Mantua Festivaletteratura as a partner in 2023 as well.

The event sponsored by the company, was the presentation of Prof. Guido Tonelli's book Materia. The Magnificent Illusion.

In addition to sponsoring the aforementioned event, there was a discount for all Opto Engineering employees on admissions to various scheduled events throughout Festivaletteratura (Sept. 6-10, 2023).

With the goal, to reach out to talents to be included in its team, in 2023, Opto Engineering went a step further by giving away tickets to 6 technical and scientific events to all students who wished. The students who were able to benefit from this initiative were students from a number of universities and faculties in Northern Italy who were chosen for university courses dedicated to topics dear to the company: technology, science, and computer engineering.

There was also no shortage of Opto Engineering water bottles for Festivaletteratura volunteers, for an increasingly sustainable future!

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