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Striking the Perfect Balance

Machine vision applications often require fast frame rates, either due to line speed limitations or to improve line productivity.

However, there are several limitations to achieving maximum image acquisition speed, such as the amount of data acquired per frame, data transfer speed, and data processing optimization. Many users invest in expensive solutions to overcome these limitations, which involve the entire vision system: optics, lighting, controller, software, computer, data transfer interfaces, and, of course, the camera.

But is this the only solution, or are there any alternatives?

In this webinar, we will discuss the possibilities offered by our ITALA G and ITALA G.EL cameras to increase frame rates without any other modifications to your machine vision system, while maximizing performance-to-price ratio.

You will discover how features such as burst mode, binning, decimation, and ROI influence frame rate and image characteristics. By mastering these features, you can achieve the best overall system performance.

Anyone in the field of machine vision, as ITALA cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors.

- Introduction to ITALA® cameras

- What is behind the image acquisition frame rate and how to control it

- Burst mode image acquisition

- Binning and decimation influence on frame rate and image characteristics

- Region of Interest impact on image acquisition speed

- Live Demo

- Q&A Session

Free of charge.

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