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How many elements are part of a vision system? Cameras, illuminators, PLCs, strobe controllers, sensors, PCs are the main ones. All those hardware's should communicate with each other; however, the interfaces are not unique.

Cameras are the core of the system, the instant in which the image is grabbed can be crucial for the purpose of the application. Therefore, the possibility to communicate with all the remaining elements could be a big plus for the machines. A camera able to communicate with a lot of devices becomes not only a need but a real game changer for your machines. One device, multiple communications possibilities, less costs.

ITALAs integrate the serial interface, and the possibility to send or receive signals thanks to the opto-isolated I/Os, as well as the Ethernet interface for communication with the PC.

Do you want to master the connection of cameras with other devices? Know more about how you can get the best from camera interfaces and solve synchronism needs?

In this webinar we will see how to use the different ITALA® I/Os to send or receive signals to other devices. We will see how ITALA® can act as master with illuminators and send information to other devices to make the vision system work as a single and highly performant entity.

  • Introduction to ITALA I/Os
  • ITALA® Pinout
  • Opto-isolated
  • Serial RS232 – RS485
  • Encoder
  • Example with LT3BC
  • Practical example

Free of charge

After the webinar, each participant will receive the training material consisting of the .pdf presentation and a private link to the video recording on Vimeo.

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