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Capturing Perfection

The primary function of a machine vision system is the acquisition of images. The camera is in charge of grabbing an image of the sample and transferring it to the computer, which will then take care of the image processing. How the camera acquires the image is of key importance because, on a production line, timing and synchronism are the game changers for the final application results.

Imagine having a sample on a line, for how much time does the camera need to expose it?

What about the need to handle triggers coming from sensors or external devices? And if you need to inspect the sample with two different illuminations and different exposure times?

ITALA G and ITALA G.EL cameras implement several features that grant you complete control over the acquisition timing and synchronism by allowing you to optimize exposure time, receive fast trigger signals from external sources, read frames with no delays, and schedule actions that the camera has to perform depending to the needs of the application.

Knowing and mastering these features will allow you to precisely tailor the image acquisition mode to your application needs.

During this webinar we will talk about image acquisition modes offered by ITALA cameras - we will focus on ITALA features such as trigger overlap, fast trigger mode, short exposure, dual exposure, and schedule action commands.

Anyone in the field of machine vision, as ITALA cameras are suitable for a wide range of applications and sectors.

  • Introduction to ITALA cameras
  • How to trigger ITALA
  • How to handle multiple triggers
  • How to select a proper exposure time
  • Getting two images in sequence with different exposure
  • How to schedule commands to the camera
  • Live demo
  • Q&A Session
  • Fast trigger mode
  • Dual exposure
  • Scheduled action command

Free of charge.

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