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Autofocus with ITALA®

Opto Engineering® manufactures all the components needed to create a vision system. Our approach allows us to push the integration of components to a higher level, delivering solutions which redefine machine vision standards.

Thanks to our experience we can implement features needed to control the optics inside the camera, as we did with the liquid lens technology. Conventionally, utilizing liquid lenses necessitates an external controller, which can add complexity to your setup. However, with the ITALA G.EL camera, it is possible to overcome this inconvenience by incorporating the liquid lens control directly within the GenICam tree of the camera, decreasing the complexity of the system.

After the integration between the liquid lens and the camera we also implemented the autofocus function, which allows you to focus directly on the object that you need to see, eliminating the need for manual intervention. With precision and efficiency at its core, the autofocus function ensures that your vision remains focused, every step of the way.

In this webinar we are going to showcase how to control the liquid lens using an ITALA G.EL camera and how to use our autofocus function to enhance your applications. Furthermore, we will focus on application examples which may give you good implementation ideas for your next application. Join us to gain invaluable insights, explore real-world applications, and ignite your imagination as we showcase the limitless possibilities awaiting your next project. Don't miss out, reserve your spot today and unlock the potential of tomorrow.

  • Introduction to Liquid Lens
  • Introduction to Itala G.EL series.
  • How to control the liquid lens with an ITALA G.EL camera
  • Autofocus
  • Example Application
  • Practical Example

Free of charge

After the webinar, each participant will receive the training material consisting of the .pdf presentation and a private link to the video recording on Vimeo.

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