Machine Vision is the discipline that encompasses imaging technologies and methods to perform automatic inspection and analysis in various applications, such as verification, measurement, process control. A very common approach in machine vision is to provide turnkey vision solutions, i.e. complete systems that can be rapidly and easily configured for use in the field. A vision system is usually made up of every component needed to perform the intended task, such as optics, lighting, cameras and software. When designing and building a vision system, it is important to find the right balance between performance and cost to achieve the best result for the desired application.

Usually vision systems are designed to work in on-line applications, where they have an immediate impact on the manufacturing process (real-time systems). A classic example of this on-line concept is the possibility to instantly reject a product deemed non-compliant: the way this decision is made, as well as the object features being evaluated, defines different classes of vision systems.

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