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Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH: leveling up

Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH: leveling up

A year has passed since the launch of our Close to our customers, worldwide initiative: we had a great response from our customers, which in turn generated a greater need for customer service and support in a very positive feedback loop: but as the numbers climb up, we must scale our service structure to maintain our quality standards.

That’s why we’re renewing our efforts to support the Germany and Austria territories, establishing a formal presence as a native German company: Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH *. Nelson Righetti, Geschäftsführer, will say it better:

Introducing Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH
Introducing Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH

For our customers, this will bring the immediate benefit of a easier interaction: doing business with a foreign country – even inside the Eurozone – can be awkward sometimes, due to a complex corpus of laws and regulations. The foundation of Opto Engineering GmbH will spare customers from all these inconveniences.

Moreover, other significant benefits will follow:

  • New German documentation: new 2014 Catalog is coming really soon (here’s a sneak peek), as well as the internationalized version of our brand-new website.
  • Larger team: we reinforced our German staff for administration and sales support.
  • On-site operational potential: next year will bring further developments as a number of time-critical delivery, testing and production capabilities will be added to Opto Engineering Deutschland GmbH.

Feel free to contact us or, even better, visit us in our Munich offices: we’ll be happy to find out how we can work together. Bis Bald!

* Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, of course.

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