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mvHR series
Tech Info
from 17 to 31 MP
Frame rate
90.1 fps
Sensor format
4/3 ″

Key advantages

  • High quality sensors available
  • New SONY Pregius CMOS Global shutter sensors available.
  • High speed performance
  • High frame rate ideal for high speed inspection.
  • RAM up to 256 MB
  • Internal memory guarantees no image loss.
  • Large FPGA on board
  • Reduces CPU load and allows more features to be added.
  • GenICam® full compliance
  • GenICam® compliant SDK package provides more flexibility to Vision System.

RT Products

In order to meet all our customers' needs, we have carefully selected a collection of machine vision components from experienced and qualified suppliers to complement our product range.

These products will be delivered to you with the same level of competence, quality and technical support that you have come to know and expect from Opto Engineering®. Our goal is to turn our knowledge, experience and passion for machine vision into a broad and comprehensive service for our customers.

Discover more


  1. Burst mode
  2. On board color processing
  3. Additional information via data stream
  4. Sequence recording using parameter sets
  5. Event notifications

Technical documents

RT-mvBlueCougar-XD Manual
RT-mvBlueFox3-4 Manual

Suitable filters for your lighting situation or environmental condition

Choose between daylight cut (Cold Mirror), IR cut (Hot Mirror) or glass (without filter).

Large camera FPGA reduces the CPU load of your host system

Extra FPGA space allows more features and modifications to be implemented. Custom features can also be supplied.

For counting and triggering events, counters are a handy feature for many applications

The counter allows you to generate variable output signals, control illumination systems, synchronize multiple cameras, and much.

With the internal image memory, no image will be lost again

The internal memory buffers images and enables useful features such as Record / Playback, Pre-trigger and sequence recordings