Part number MTDV1CH-22A2 MTDV2CH-22A2 MTDV3CH-22A3 MTDV4CH-22A4
Electrical specifications
DC Voltage (V) 24
Power consumption max (W) 38 71 96 96
Communication interfaces Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB2.0 (custom serial)
Connectors 1x RJ45, 1x USB Type A, 2x Terminal blocks, Nx DB15HD female 1
Visual indicators Ethernet activity LED, RGB LED for each motor status
Protections ESD, polarity inversion, overvoltage, undervoltage, output overcurrent, shorted output, open output, overtemperature
Non volatile memory Yes
Automatic position saving Yes
Software Integrated web interface (Ethernet), Ethernet DLL library (USB and RS485 to be developed upon request)
Control type Closed-loop, open-loop
Motion mode Positioning mode (relative and absolute) with 2 stage velocity ramp
Special features Advanced motor drive with StealthChop™ and 256x SpreadCycle™, extremely silent operation, adjustable RUN and HOLD currents for optimized power consumption, advanced positioning control in closed-loop operation, motor homing based on encoder reference or limit switch, reduced EMI noise 2
Motor parameters 3
Number of motors 1 2 3 4
Type Bipolar stepper
RMS winding current (mA) 20 to 1350 (adj) 20 to 1350 (adj) 20 to 1250 (adj) 20 to 935 (adj)
Peak winding voltage (V) 24 (PWM)
Encoder parameters 3
Number of encoders 1 2 3 4
DC power supply (V) 5
Type Linear / rotary, incremental
Signal outputs A, B, Z (index)
Interface RS422
Environmental specifications 3
Operating temperature (°C) 10 to 40
Storage temperature (°C) 0 to 50
Humidity (%) 10-85 non condensing
IP rating -
Installation Indoor use only
Mechanical specifications
Length (mm) 47.0 62.8 78.6 94.4
Heigth (mm) 84.0
Width (case only) (mm) 80.2
Width (total) (mm) 102.6
Mounting DIN rail
Compatibility 4
Cable 5 CBMT002, CBETH003 CBMT002, CBMT003, CBETH003