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AI Vision Units

Nowadays vision systems come in all shapes and sizes in order to suit the largest number of applications. At their core, all vision systems share the same building blocks: cameras and optics to capture images of the object under inspection, lighting devices to optimally illuminate the part, specific imaging software and a processing unit. Through the years, and thanks to its long time experience in manufacturing and marketing high quality imaging components, Opto Engineering® has identified very specific needs concerning machine vision systems: as a general tendency, many industries require new vision systems to be adaptive, so that they can be quickly repurposed to inspect new products.

They also have to be easy to use, so that an experienced engineer is not necessarily needed for programming and maintenance. One of the most recent tools in Machine Vision that helps us accomplish these goals is Artificial Intelligence. Opto Engineering® has been a pioneer in introducing AI to the Machine Vision industry with PENSO®, an AI-based computational unit that can be interfaced to endless combinations of cameras, lenses and illuminators. Artificial intelligence and statistical inference are the keywords for an easy, fast and reliable approach to the most recent challenges of the Machine Vision world - always keeping in mind the same principle that drives the development of all our products: “simple works better”.