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Sensor specifications
Megapixel 1.6
Resolution 1440 x 1080
Sensor format 1/2.9"
Active area (mm) 6.2
Pixel size (μm) 3.5
Sensor model IMX273
Sensor type CMOS
Shutter Global
Chroma Mono
Camera specifications
Filter AR
Frame rate (1) (fps) 249.1
Exposure time 1 μs - 10 s
ADC resolution (bit)
Dynamic range (dB) 71.0
Gain range (dB) 0-17
SNR (dB) 40.0
Image buffer (MB) 128
Pixel formats Mono 8/10/ 10Packed/ 12/12Packed
Chunk data yes
User sets 3.0
Timers/Counters 0/1
Synchronization Free run, software trigger, hardware trigger
Connectivity and electrical specifications
Data connector USB 3.0 Micro-B
Data interface USB 3.0
I/O connector 6-pin Hirose
I/O interface 1x opto-isolated input, 1x opto-isolated output, 1x bi-directional non-isolated
Serial interface no
Encoder interface no
Power supply (V) 5-15, USB 3.0
Max power consumption (2) (W) 3.0
Compliance and reliability
Standards USB3 Vision, GenICam
Client software OECS or other USB3 Vision software
Operating systems 32/64-bit Windows XP/7/10
Warranty (years) 1
Mechanical specifications
Mount C
Dimensions (mm) 29 x 29 x 42
Clamping system 3x M3 and 4x M2 threaded holes (on one side)
Mass (g) 56.0
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature (°C ) 0-50
Storage temperature (°C ) -30-+70
Operating relative humidity (%) 20-80, non condensing
IP rating IP30

Last update 04 Apr 2023



  1. Color-model's fps are calculated using RGB8 pixel format
  2. Measured at 5 VDC (USB3.0 power supply)

Ordering information

Further models are available upon request: contact us to discuss your specific needs.
All product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, functionality, design or other. Photos and pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Technical documents

COE-U USB3.0 User Manual


Opto Engineering Camera Studio v1.2.0 (build 220408)
Opto Engineering Camera Studio v1.1.0 (build 210422)


Firmware COE-013-M-USB-040-IR-C v2.0.20 (build 220622)
Firmware COE-013-C-USB-040-IR-C v2.0.20 (build 220622)
Firmware COE-016-M-USB-021-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-016-C-USB-021-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-023-M-USB-060-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 210107)
Firmware COE-023-C-USB-060-IR-C v1.4.8 (build 190711)
Firmware COE-050-M-USB-060-IR-C v2.0.16 (build 211022)
Firmware COE-050-C-USB-060-IR-C v 2.0.9 (build 221102)
Firmware COE-089-M-USB-070-IR-C v2.4.0 (build 190123)
Firmware COE-089-C-USB-070-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-123-M-USB-080-IR-C v 1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-123-C-USB-080-IR-C v 1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-200-M-USB-070-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 201222)
Firmware COE-200-C-USB-070-IR-C v1.6.3 (build 201222)


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