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Opto Engineering® is best known for its unique imaging products and technologies.

We develop and provide most of the products the imaging market needs and, most importantly, we offer something even more valuable: our support and know-how. We are now the partner that can help you to find not only the right products, but the best solutions for your imaging challenges.

We strive to be the company our customers want to work with in order to invent and integrate their systems. Applications in our sector are manifold and it is difficult to have in-depth specific knowledge in each field. That is why Opto Engineering has set up Joint Ventures with other companies, leading to a network of specialised engineers that makes it possible to tackle complex projects together: OESUM and TIELOGIC. Opto Engineering’s R&D department is in charge of project management, and it is thanks to this unique skills set that we are able to develop innovative products mostly patent pending or patented.

We are now even closer to you and we want to contribute to your technological success by sharing our know-how and resources. You can always count on us!


Tielogic is a software house specialized in creating cutting-edge automation applications and development tools, founded in Italy in 2010. Our motto is "think differently": this is why we develop systems and applications with high technological impact, easy to use, in which the customer's needs always play a central role.

Website: https://www.tielogic.com/
Oesum 标识

Oesum is an Italian manufacturer of LED illuminators and industrial controllers for the machine vision sector. Our mission is to produce excellent illumination components for industrial vision applications, offering a wide range of catalogue products and assuring comprehensive customisation and consultancy.

Website: http://www.oesum.com/
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