The USB (Universal Serial Bus) 3.0 standard is the second revision of USB standard, developed for computer communication. Building on USB 2.0 standard, it provides a higher bandwidth and up to 4.5 W of power.

Speed. While USB 2.0 goes up to 60 MB/s, USB 3.0 speed can reach 400 MB/s, similar to the Camera Link standard used in medium configuration.

Costs. USB cameras are usually low cost; also, no frame grabber is required. For this reason, USB is the cheaper camera bus in the market.

Cables. Passive USB 3.0 cable has a maximum length of about 7 meters, and active USB 3.0 cable can reach up to 50 m with repeaters.

Power over cable. USB 3.0 offers power up to 4.5 W that allows to get rid of a separate power cable.

CPU usage. USB 3.0 Vision permits image transfer directly into PC memory, without CPU usage.

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